K 30-20



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• X Liter oil capacity
• Cool touch body
• 100°-X00°C adjustable temperature control
• 30 minutes timer with automatic shut-off and ring features
• Frying basket with lower and upper position usage and basket holder for easy level control
• Durable cooking pan with non-stick coating
• Frying basket and cooking pan are removable and dishwasher safe
• Cooking follow up glass on lid, the lid is controlled by safety switch
• Double filter for smell and vapor can easily be removed and washed
• Red led indicator setting in when the oil is reach to desired temperature
• Recommended cooking temperatures for various food types are indicated on fryer
• High quality heater housed inside fryer provides durability
• Safety fuse prevent temperature fluctuations due to mains voltage changes and protect the item, therefore better cooking results are obtained
• Easy to carry handles
• Cord storage for after use
• Rubber feet prevent possible slipperiness during cooking process
• Maximum power: 1400W

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