ASEL is established in 1978 in Istanbul. We have decades years of experience of leading the small household appliances manufacturing in Turkey. We are proud to be the largest Turkish manufacturer-exporter of mini ovens. We devote ourselves to meeting the tailored needs of millions of our customers all around the world.

Our in−house developed technologies for industrial and mechanical design, soGware development and production planning frame up the excellent quality of more than 2,5 millions of products per year. That’s how we are the reliable and strong business partner of world class brands.

We offer excellent logistics solutions to our clients all around world with our production facilities located in the heart of Istanbul.

A total of 95% of exports is the reward of our precise customer relationship management and aGer sales services. It is our obligation to thank to our experienced and skilled team members for our achievement.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion of hard work with all our current and potential clients.