• Ovens

    We offer a huge variety of custom menu styles but to be honest the MetroStyle is our favourite. You’ll love it too.

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  • Heaters

    When your site is ready, stop for a while and ask our designer what can be improved. What’s more, it’s a totally FREE service!

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  • Cookers

    Besides the awesome Revolution Slider, the 3Clicks Theme includes some new and unconventional sliders.

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  • Some Numbers

    17 minutes from the beginning to the packing of an oven

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  • Fact Sheet

    • The only mini oven manufacturer in Istanbul
    • Mature partnership of 35 years
    • A succesful family business
    • The fastest organisation in this business
    • Joined million production league in 2004
    • Young team both workers ( 26 ) and decision makers ( 35 )
    • Ambitious for innovation, conservative for morality
  • What Clients Say

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